New Products

Over the last year or three, I have been looking into the healing benefits of journaling (as part of art therapy), crystals, and mindful practice.

Crystals have been an important part of many healing practices and used as a powerful symbol throughout the worlds religions and beliefs.

It’s not for everyone, but I believe that there is definitely something in the practice to improve health and well being. So, adding my art mind to the creation of tools to help on this level, is a new and exciting path.

Included in my product line will be:

  • Hand made leather/material books for use as a journal, book of shadows or scrapbooking
  • Crystal wands for healing, protecting, assisting in mindful practices
  • Sceptres for increasing the strength of crystals as they are larger
  • Staffs with an impressive piece of crystal in the tops to really channel those great vibrations in the chosen crystal.
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