Kids class

Due to the studio relocation, these classes are very small. So let me know if there is any interest before coming along as places are limited.

My aim is to –

Initiate creativity, as it is essential to exercise this part of the brain to enhance problem solving skills.

Incorporate art therapy. Art is a non-verbal way of communication, and is an amazing way to express our inner emotions. For young people, art can play a huge roll in coping with unseen issues and enable them to effectively move through them in a healthy way.

Educate Teaching the fundamentals of drawing, painting and sculpture can help strengthen a child’s artistic foundation. If a future in the art world is where they want to move towards, then having a basic understanding may just be the best start they can get.

8+ Years

Tuesday 4.30 to 6.30pm

This art classes are designed for kiddies who love getting creative. Expanding their imagination and encouraging problem solving skills in a fun, safe environment. With a twist of art therapy to further boost their confidence.

All of the kids classes are $30 for each lesson, or $25 when purchased in blocks of 5 or more classes. If a class is missed then payment is carried forward to the next class.

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