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some sharing of the Zinc exhibition

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All done

I have finally completed my Diploma and am almost sad to find myself not going in and immersing myself in art….for now anyway. I have to redirect my efforts now into my project and keep my mind running with my creative flow.

The exhibition went fantastic and the crowd was huge. Lots of positive feedback on my work was valuable and spurred me on to do more. The has been offers of representation and even commission requests. The only problem I have now is finding and art space to do it all. I’m certain that a solution will present itself soon. For the time being im going to concentrate on christmas and my business plan…..

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exhibition week

It’s here and i think ive done everything. Just need to go in and have everything hung in the huge gallery we have set up. 33 of us are showing and the air is quite electric. Thursday night is the grand opening and im hoping there will be an awesome turn out. If youre in the area or want to have a good look at what ive been up tothen here is the invite…

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9 days to go

Im getting ever closer to the big night and i still have work to get done….

somehow things will polish….:-)

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….the business plan

The one thing my accountant first said to me last year was, to make any serious commitment I needed to get a business plan together and show him how it was going to go. The town planner also said the same thing.

Last week I had a meeting with some lovely people who believe they can help me understand where this could all go and its viability. We took a walk around the block where the studios are to be located a discussed where the main building would go. We also decided where the best place for a main entrance would be.

I couldn’t help but get a little excited being there and visualizing what would go where.   I have to wait for some other developments to come through with the rest of the property before i can launch in and start asking questions.

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the reality of a big project

As much as I’d like to think this will be easy, I know it’s going to take a lot of time, commitment and money. The thing is that i believe in it. I need something to focus on and this is going to be a benefit to not only me but my family, friends, fellow artists and among other things, the local community.

I feel that I’m nearly ready to push this site out there and collect as many heads as i can to get this right. I’m no expert in any of this, but I do know that with help from the right places it will work…….

…..trying to boost myself here poeple….lol

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Nearly there….

My Diploma is nearly done. Have my collaborative exhibition  in 12 days time and have got most things done and awaiting approval for display. The build up is exhausting but exciting aswell.

I had originally only one piece of ceramic sculpture in but it looks like I am actually going to have all 3 completed works. Am a little stoked as the position they will be displayed will be at the entrance to the building. I’m just going to have to get a source of lighting in. I have a few ideas that could work.


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